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International candidates

Number of places in 2017

140 is the number of places offered.

"Voie Classes Préparatoires (CP)" Examination : 50 places, with a minimum of 20 seats for the MP and a minimum of 7 seats for PC, PSI and PT all together.

"Voie Universitaire (UNIV)" Examination : 90 places (Filières FUI, FUI-FF and FUF), with a minimum of 13 seats for francophone students from French preparatory training cycles abroad.

Overview of Ecole Polytechnique's curriculum:
1.  A multidisciplinary scientific education at the highest level,
2.  reinforced by courses in Humanities and Social Sciences,
3.  with interpersonal and managerial skills acquired through internships, international experience, sports and many social events and activities organized on campus.


Scholarships, grants and financial support program