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Academic affairs

REST Master’s graduation ceremony

On Thursday, December 18, the graduation ceremony for the Renewable Energy Science & Technology (REST) Master’s students took place at École Polytechnique.

On December 18, 29 students graduated from the Renewable Energy Science & Technology (REST) Master’s program at École Polytechnique. Focusing on science, this Master's program in energy engineering aims to give students real-world technical expertise in strategic renewable energy disciplines, as well as an in-depth understanding of the issues associated with renewable energies and their development, including short and medium-term technical, technological, geopolitical and environmental challenges.

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Rasha Khoury is one of the students who graduated in 2014. After completing a Bachelor in physics and a first year of Master's specialized in physics of sensors and instrumentation at Saint Joseph University in Beirut, Lebanon, Rasha applied to the REST Master's program. "A student from my University in Beirut had done this Master's program and told me that it was a great experience, so I applied. I was very happy when I got in because of École Polytechnique's reputation and prestige!" says Rasha. She was also accepted in other universities, but she chose to come to l'X for the REST Master's program: "I appreciated the fact that students could choose their own courses and specialization. I decided to specialize in photovoltaics as well as wind and hydropower."

Apart from the academic training, Rasha also insists on the human aspects of the program. "In our class, students came from 14 different countries! We were very close to one another, we met often, helped each other before the exams and worked together for some projects. We shared ideas, as well as dishes and advice! I really enjoyed learning about other traditions and cultures." Being in an international environment is very important to Rasha, who was already fluent in 3 languages - Arabic, English and French - when she came to l'X.

© École Polytechnique Collections, J. Barande

Another strength of the program, according to her, is that it is both professional and research oriented. "We had seminars from industrial experts in renewable energies. My research internship, which I did at the Laboratory of Interfaces and Thin Films (LPICM), was sponsored by Total." Rasha is now pursuing a PhD at École Polytechnique in the same lab - the LPICM, under the supervision of Erik Johnson. She however still hasn't decided what career path to pursue: "The REST Master's degree and a PhD at the LPICM give me a lot of opportunities for my professional career. I might join the industry in R&D or do some consulting." Meanwhile, Rasha enjoys living on campus and working at the LPICM on improving the efficiency of thin films by using cheaper techniques.