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Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Store your favorite articles on your phone or tablet with EZPaperz

Yohan Farouz (X2006) created EZPaperz, an app on Android used to synchronise, sort and download articles from the Papers' library.

What is EZPaperz?

EZPaperz is the only Android application that allows you to synchronize your tablet or smartphone with Papers' library, which is an online library for research papers. Thus, you can now bring all your articles, books and other documents with you. There is no other app like this one since Papers is only available on Mac, Windows, iPhone and iPad.

What is a reference management software?

A reference management software allows you to organise your files according to many criteria to then access them quickly and easily. For example, you can sort your articles according to the title, authors, journal, year of publication, and even create your own categories (like you would do for playlists). You may also add comments on the articles, create color labels, import an article with one simple click directly from the web page of the newspaper, etc...

Who can use your application?

Everyone, but it is meant especially for students, researchers in all fields as well as musicians because the app can also be used to have your sheet music always with you and organize it.

What is the point of synchronizing your articles on your tablet or smartphone?

This allows you to easily read articles in public transports or refer to them directly in conversations with colleagues. In laboratories, researchers must meet very stringent sterility requirements that prevent the use of sheets of paper, but tablet is allowed in cleanrooms. So the researcher can have access to all experimental protocols through his/her tablet. It is also easier to have access to all articles on a device like a tablet or a smartphone when you are writing a manuscript or a thesis: you do not need a computer with two screens! Finally, the musicians will enjoy having a quick access to their music sheet.

Where can we find EZPaperz?

The app is available on Google Play Store since October 2014. Currently, about 500 people have already downloaded EZPaperz in more than 30 countries.

Are you thinking of launching a start-up?

I do not think that I am going to launch a start-up with this application. However, it is clear that you have to develop a good marketing and communication strategy if you think that you have a good technology. In parallel with developing EZPaperz, I also work on simplified programming design tools to allow biologists to create simulations, programs and educational games.

What is your connection with l'X today?

I am very interested in the recent entrepreneurial initiatives of students of École Polytechnique. I also supervise a team of polytechnicians (class of 2014) for their Collective Scientific Project (Projet Scientifique Collectif, PSC) at the interface between computer science, biology and medicine.

> About Yohan Farouz

Yohan Farouz is studying at the Graduate School "Frontières du Vivant" at the Center for Research and Interdisciplinarity in Paris (CRI). He works on the design of new heart bandages for victims of heart failure. Yohan Farouz taught computer modeling of biological phenomena for the Bachelor's degree "Frontières du Vivant" and for the Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering from the University Paris-Descartes. He studied at Imperial College and École Polytechnique and did various research internships at UC Berkeley, Imperial College and Harvard.