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Office of Communications


The Communications Department is responsible for the development and implementation of the communications strategies of the Ecole Polytechnique. It defines the overall policies for internal and external communications, oversees the dissemination and dispersion of information, and contributes to the strong emphasis on education and research activities at the school.

In conjunction with other departments, the Communications Department participates in the development of strategic, scientific, technical, or administrative content all of which relies upon communications. It coordinates communications projects in the administrative branches of the school and assists with their implementation.

Finally, it guarantees the image of the Ecole Polytechnique, usage of the school's logo and its public identity.

The Communications Office is responsible for

  • external communications (press relations), 
  • internal communication among all of the different groups on campus,
  • events and marketing communication in the context of specific operations
  • and a website unit which is in charge of administration, updates, coordination and development of the Ecole Polytechnique website and intranet.

The DCOM participates in activities to coordinate communications with its many partners including ParisTech, Opération Campus, the CNRS,......

The Photothèque (Photo Library)

The goals of the Photothèque are based upon three main objectives: the preservation, indexation and distribution of the images which are the results of digitization projects and photo coverage of student and staff events and activities around the campus.
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Director: Anne Trotoux-Coppermann


Director of Communication
Anne Trotoux-Coppermann
Tel : 01 69 33 38 90

Press Relations
Claire Lenz
Tel : 01 69 33 38 70
Raphaël de Rasilly
Tel : 01 69 33 38 97
> Espace presse

Corporate Communications
Pauline Serraz
Tel : 01 69 33 38 92
Virginie Bourdais
Tel : 01 69 33 38 75

Web Communications
Samantha Gaudfrin
Tel : 01 69 33 38 79

Photothèque (Photo Library)
Jérémy Barande
Tel : 01 69 33 38 94


Route de Saclay
91128 Palaiseau cedex
Fax : 01 69 33 38 88
Direction de la communication


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