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Developing international attractiveness

Since the X2000 reform, The École Polytechnique has embarked on a strategy of becoming more international (increase in the number of foreign students, introduction of a grants system, partnerships with foreign universities, approved master's degree courses, etc.). Today the École Polytechnique is looking to take up an even stronger international position, develop its reputation and strengthen its place on the world scene.


International development

The École Polytechnique is continuing its international development and is currently focussing on Asia, Latin America and Europe. In Latin America, it is looking to diversify its partnerships.

After Brazil and Chile, the École is now interested in Mexico, Argentina and Peru.

In Asia, India joins the list of target countries after China. Finally, the École is looking to strengthen its partnerships in Europe, particularly with its IDEA League partners.

All these new cooperation initiatives are developed in close collaboration with ParisTech or are eventually intended to be extended to other member establishments.

To summarise, the internationalisation strategy is first and foremost an increase in the number of international partnerships with the major higher education institutions and to train the best students in international competition. But it also involves doubling the number of lecturers and researchers from other countries.

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