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Services and living environment

There are over 4000 people on the Palaiseau campus. To meet their needs, the campus offers its students, researchers, staff and Polytechnique visitors a whole range of services, facilities and activities. 

École Polytechnique has a wide variety of facilities covering 164 hectares. The buildings represent roughly 150,000 m2, spread across 5 main units:

Elèves dans un laboratoireX EscaladeLe Magnan
  • Training: our core profession

    15 lecture theatres
    46 classrooms
    a poly-media centre
    5 language laboratories
    drawing, painting, modelling, engraving, photography and architecture studios

    11 meeting rooms
    sports facilities

  • Research, a journey to the centre of innovation
    The Research Centre's facilities include 31,000 m2 of laboratories, practical workrooms and computer rooms.

  • A rich, creative student life                                                                      The student area covers 1600 m2 and includes a large number of rooms that are used for free, artistic and cultural activities and receptions

  • Life on campus, a dynamic ecosystem                                                   This includes the administrative buildings, reception and guidance rooms, catering area, post office, a 56-room hotel, banks, cafeterias and a medical centre. 

  • Sport
    9000 m2 of sports facilities are available to students and staff on the campus. 

    Of particular note among the services available on the École Polytechnique campus are:

    > Accomodation

    > Catering

    > Other services (cashpoint, banks, post office, hairdresser...)

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École Polytechnique
Route de saclay
91128 Palaiseau cedex
Tel: +33 (0)1 69 33 33 33

Une vie foisonnante

La population du campus de Palaiseau est de plus de 4000 personnes. Pour la satisfaire, c'est tout un panel de services, d'installations et d'activités que le campus offre aux élèves, chercheurs, personnels et visiteurs de l'École Polytechnique.