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Fouad Sahraoui, SF2A 2011 Young Researcher Award

On June 10, 2011

M. Fouad Sahraoui, researcher at the Plasma Physics Laboratory, won the Young Researcher award from the French Society for Astronomy and Astrophysics (SF2A).

Fouad Sahraoui, researcher at the Plasma Physics Laboratory (LPP), is one of the two winners of the 2011 "Young Researcher" Award from the French Astronomy and Astrophysics Society (SF2A) for his internationally recognized work and his involvement in serving the astronomics community ( ). A specialist in the study of solar wind (a stream of ionized particles emitted by the sun at high speeds of 400 to 800 km/s) and its interaction with magnetized objects in the solar system, Fouad Sahraoui collaborated most notably with NASA and is involved in several major space projects such as Cluster, Solar Orbiter, Solar Probe, MMS...
This young researcher has already received an Outstanding Scientist Award in 2010 (granted by the European Space Agency) for his outstanding contributions to the Cluster project, showing that his career is quite promising indeed.

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