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Education and Programs

École Polytechnique is responsible for training top managers for government departments, companies and research in an environment bubbling with scientific and intellectual curiosity. To do this, it provides education that is highly intellectually demanding, with a strength and originality that stems both from its close links with research and from the broad range of disciplines covered: science, engineering science, human and social sciences and languages.

It is this responsibility, which is broadly recognized in society, and the Ecole's specific curriculum that have helped to make it so influential and attractive to its students and teaching staff.

A degree course that follows worldwide guidelines

 1st year
Common core
(no optional disciplines)
 500 students
 2nd year
 6 disciplines out of a choice of 8  300 students
  •  "Human contact" internship
 3rd year
  •  20 specialized studies programs
  • 3-month research internship
 Groups of
20 to 50 students
 4th year
  • Final internship, often abroad

(french only)
  • The Ingénieur Polytechnicien program (4-year course): 500 students a year, 100 of whom are international.
  • The master's program (2-year course) 
    439 students, including 124 engineering program students
    60% international students
    Over 27 possible specializations
  • The doctoral program (3-year course after completion of a master's program)
    575 doctoral students, 40% of whom will pursue their company career after their thesis
    40% international students.
  • The teaching staff:
    372 faculty members, 20% of whom are foreign
    6 Academy members
    350 visiting professors a year.
    10 education and research departments