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International Mobility of Ecole Polytechnique students

École Polytechnique encourages its students to include an international component in their training program and offers them the opportunity of experiencing life abroad.

École Polytechnique is represented through its students in a large number of countries.

Training opportunities abroad:

  • Learning foreign languages
    All students on the engineering course study at least 2 modern languages, including English: in 2008, of the 2 year-groups present on the campus, 369 were studying German, 351 Spanish, 76 Japanese, 68 Russian, 59 Chinese, 48 Italian and 41 Arabic. In addition, an average of 20% of students learns a 3rd modern language.
  • Placements abroad
    Students on the Polytechnique engineering and Masters courses have the opportunity and are encouraged to carry out placements in a company, international organisation or laboratory abroad.
  • Specialist courses abroad
    The 4th year of the Polytechnique engineering course is a specialisation year that may take place in a foreign university.
  • Joint supervision theses abroad
    Students registered for a thesis at the Ecole Polytechnique Doctoral School  have the opportunity to complete their doctorate under joint supervision with a laboratory abroad.

First job abroad:

More and more Polytechnique graduates are choosing to start their careers abroad. For the third year running, a quarter of young graduates in employment are working abroad.
The leading locations are the United States and Great Britain, which account for half of first jobs abroad. Europe is the leading major region thanks to Great Britain, Switzerland and Germany. 86 % of young graduates abroad are on local contracts.