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Costs of Study - Online calculator

Online Calculator (for students admitted as X2019 on)

Reduction of tuition fees may be granted upon student’s request according to his or her family situation and revenus.

The below online calculator only estimates reduction rate.

The result below has no contractual value and does not guarantee that the same level of reduction will be decided by the commission. The exact total amount of your tuition fees will be confirmed following your official request for exemption and after checking the supporting documents provided. A dedicated commission will review the justifying documents that you provided and will propose a reduction rate, subjected to the validation of the Ecole Polytechnique’s Board of Directors.

The needed data to complete it correctly are: the total gross income of your household for the year n-1 (for example, if admitted in 2020, please enter the gross income for year 2019 before taxes) and the number of family members who are fully dependant on the indicated income.

In case your fiscal country does not appear on the above list, please contact us at Contact