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Sjakste Jéléna


Office : 5:10-47&H
Telephone : +33169334511
Department/Laboratory/Direction : CA/DER/LAB/LSI

Biography and Current Works


Chargée de recherche CNRS




Academic positions and degrees

From 2012: CR1 researcher at CNRS, Laboratoire des Solides Irradiées, Ecole Polytechnique

2008: CR2 researcher at CNRS, Laboratoire des Solides Irradiées, Ecole Polytechnique

2005-2008: Post-doctoral researcher in in Laboratoire des Solides Irradiées, Ecole Polytechnique

2004: PhD degree in physics, obtained at Université Paris XI

2001-2004 PhD student in Laboratoire des Collisions Atomiques et Moleculaires, Univ. Paris XI 

2001 Master 2 degree (DEA) at Ecole Normale Superieure, Paris.

Research experiences:

Theoretical and computational physics, density functional theory, ab initio study of the electron-phonon coupling and relaxation via electron-phonon coupling in semiconductors, electronic and thermal transport, phonon-phonon interactions, physical properties of boron carbides, ion-surface interactions, wave-packet propagation method.

Scientific direction: 1 PhD student (graduated 13/03/2016), several internship students


Matériaux et énergie : transports électronique et thermique, et leur couplage

Main Publications and Links


Relevant publications:

1. J. Sjakste, N. Vast, G. Barbarino, M. Calandra, F. Mauri, J. Kanasaki, H. Tanimura, and K.Tanimura,   Energy relaxation mechanism of hot-electron ensembles in GaAs: Theoretical and experimental study of its temperature dependence Phys. Rev. B 97, 064302 (2018)  

2.  M. Markov, J. Sjakste, G. Barbarino, G. Fugallo, L. Paulatto, M. Lazzeri, F. Mauri, N. Vast, PRL (2018). 

3.  Z. Chen, C. Giorgetti, J. Sjakste, R. Cabouat, V. Véniard, Z. Zhang, A. Taleb-Ibrahimi, E. Papalazarou, M. Marsi, A. Shukla, J. Peretti, and L. Perfetti   Ultrafast electron dynamics reveal the high potential of InSe for hot-carrier optoelectronics Phys. Rev. B 97, 241201(R) (2018)

4. Formation of hot-electron ensembles quasiequilibrated in momentum space by ultrafast momentum scattering of highly excited hot electrons photoinjected into the Γ valley of GaAs , H. Tanimura, J. Kanasaki, K. Tanimura, J. Sjakste, N. Vast, M. Calandra, F. Mauri, Phys. Rev. B 93, 161203 (R) (2016).

5. M. Markov, J. Sjakste, G. Fugallo, L. Paulatto, M. Lazzeri, F. Mauri, N. Vast, Nanoscale mechanisms for the reduction of heat transport in bismuth, Physical Review B 93 (2016) 064301

6. Wannier interpolation of the electron-phonon matrix elements in polar semiconductors: Polar-optical coupling in GaAs, J. Sjakste, N. Vast, M. Calandra, F. Mauri, Phys. Rev. B 92, 054307 (2015), Editor’s suggestion.

7. Book chapter: Electrons, phonons, and their coupling within the density functional theory,

N.Vast, J. Sjakste, G.Kané and V. Trinité, Simulation of transport in nanodevices, book edited by Ph. Dollfus and F. Triozon (2016), Wiley-ISTE

8. Book chapter: First-principles calculations of electron-phonon scattering, Annual Reviews of

  Heat Transfer, Begell House Inc, Danbury, CT, USA, J. Sjakste, I. Timrov, P. Gava, N. Mingo, and N. Vast (2014).

9. Ab initio study of the effects of pressure and strain on electron-phonon coupling in IV and III-V semiconductors, J. Sjakste, N. Vast, H. Jani, S. Obukhov, V. Tyuterev, Physica Status Solidi B,,250 (2013) 716-720.

10. Ab initio calculation of electron-phonon scattering time in germanium, V. G. Tyuterev, S. V. Obukhov, N. Vast, and J. Sjakste, Phys. Rev. B 84 (2011) 035201.

11. Thermoelectric transport properties of silicon: Towards an ab initio approach,  Z. Wang, S. Wang, S. Obukhov, N. Vast, J. Sjakste, V. Tyuterev, and N. Mingo, Phys. Rev. B 83, 205208 (2011).


HAL Publications: 


Publications HAL: 

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