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Gil Ludovic


Bureau : 3:30-12&A
Département/Laboratoire/Service : CA/DER/LAB/LMS

Bibliographie & travail en cours


PhD student at the Laboratoire de Mécanique des Solides and Becton Dickinson (CIFRE thesis) since Fall 2017. My research focuses on the modeling of medical subcutaneous injections into the adipose tissue.

Advisors: Nicolas Triantafyllidis (LMS), Michel Jabbour (LMS), William Leverd (Becton Dickinson)


After completing my engineering degree in Ecole polytechnique in mechanics, I participated in the educational exchange between Laboratoire de Mécanique des Solides (LMS) and the Graduate Aerospace Laboratories of the California Institute of Technology (GALCIT) where I got a Master of Science in Space Engineering.

Since Fall 2017, I am a Ph.D student at LMS in Ecole polytechnique and a R&D engineer at Becton Dickinson (CIFRE thesis).


Sujet de Thèse : Modélisation des injections dans les tissus sous-cutanés.

Ph.D. project: The mechanics and physics of injection in subcutaneous tissues.


A subcutaneous injection is an injection of medical drug into the adipose tissue that is the fat layer between the skin and the muscle. While the convenience of subcutaneous injections is fairly well shared by medical people, there are several open challenges that are still to be tackled in order to be able to either optimize or create subcutaneous treatments. The goal of this Ph.D project is to propose a continuum model of injection in adipose tissue as well as efficient numerical tools to solve the injection boundary value problem.


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