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Onglets principaux

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Moscatelli Marco


Bureau : 3:30-12&C
Département/Laboratoire/Service : CA/DER/LAB/LMS

Bibliographie & travail en cours


Sujet de thése: Métamatériaux pour la récupération d'énergie à petite échelle


Thesis project: Metamaterials for energy harvesting at small scale


Presentation of the thesis topic: Metamaterials are nowadays attracting an increasing interest thanks to their peculiar acoustic, optical and mechanical properties, which can potentially lead to promising applications in many fields. They gain their properties from a rigorous design of low dimensional heterogeneities, often periodically distributed, rather than from the chemical composition of their components, as found in traditional materials. Within this broad class, phononic crystals and locally resonant periodic composite materials exhibit unusual dynamic behavior, characterized by the presence of bandgaps, i.e. regions where elastic wave propagation is inhibited. This property, coupled e.g. with the effect of point defects of periodicity, can be exploited to localize the energy of ambient vibrations in small regions of the material, where it can be further converted into electric energy. This use of metamaterials as small energy harvesting systems is the main focus of this project. Nevertheless, the design of metamaterials requires the development of modelling tools able to predict the effects of the geometry and of the different properties of the constituent materials on the overall dynamic behavior. In this context, the possibility given by multi-scale homogenization method is exploited and used in conjunction with numerical methods. For the energy conversion, piezoelectric materials will be mainly used.


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