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Hanappier Nicolas


Bureau : 3:30-12&A
Département/Laboratoire/Service : CA/DER/LAB/LMS

Bibliographie & travail en cours


A PhD student since November 2017, my research focuses on the multi-physics modeling of electric motors(see "research/recherche" section for more).

This research is subsidized by the Andre Citroën industrial chair of Ecole Polytechnique.


I am mainly interested by technologies for a lower environmental impact in the transport and energy fields, whith a deep fascination for the aircraft industry and its future. Electrification or at least hybridation of aircrafts is starting to be a thing, and my goal would be to take my current research to such applications when I complete my PhD.

I graduated from Ecole des Ponts ParisTech, France, and obtained a MSc in aeronautical engineering from Imperial College London, UK, in 2016. After almost a year in the industry working at Airbus Helicopters in the continuity of my final year internship, I joined LMS in November 2017 in order to start a PhD on electric motors.



Asside my research, I am involved in teaching various activities.



- Involved in the development of the Student Space Center of Ecole polytechnique and in the supervision of student projects related to space, in particular a project of rocket for launch in July 2019 at the C'Space challenge (French contest organized by the CNES and Planète Science). Working along with Lilia Solovyeva, manager of the center, Florian Marmuze, PhD student at the LPP, Ecole polytechnique and the student association AstronautiX.



- Involved with Laurence Bodelot, assitant professor and researcher at LMS, Ecole Polytechnique, in the setup of a hands-on course in mechanics for the Bachelor 2 program of Ecole Polytechnique. It involved Arduino controlled robot arms for a fun and didactic experience much enjoyed by the students (the course can be found here).

- Assisting Prof. Emmanuel de Langre, Ladhyx, Ecole polytechnique, in the preparation of his new MOOC "Fundamentals of waves and vibrations", on Coursera. I was specificaly in charge of creating many of the animations of the mooc. The MOOC launched by the end of 2018 and has encountered great success.




Driven by environmental and sustainability considerations, new developments in the transportation industry rely heavily on electric propulsion, requiring a careful rethinking of electric motor designs. Future developments of lighter, more compact and more powerful motors imply higher stresses, currents and electromagnetic fields. As such, strong couplings between mechanical and electromagnetic aspects may arise, which are not properly accounted for in the numerical tools available to date.


My research project, guided by Nicolas Triantafyllidis and Eric Charkaluk, aims at developing a consistent multi-physics approach that properly combines electromagnetic, thermal and mechanical fields in order to be able to compute these fields all simultaneously. We work in the frame of, and using the tools of, Continuum mechanics merged with Thermodynamics.



- Using the direct approach of continuum mechanics, and based on previous work, especially by A. Kovetz, we have derived from the basic principles of thermodynamics and electromagnetism a general continuum model that couples the electromagnetic, temperature and mechanical fields.

- As a first application, we currently focus on employing this theory for the analytical modeling of an idealized asynchronous motor for which we simultaneously calculate the electromagnetic, stress and temperature fields as a function of the applied current and output mechanical torque.

- The next step of our research will be to derive the variational principle associated to the problem and develop the proper finite element modeling tools to be able to run computations on more complex geometries of electric motors.


Presentations & Articles

- 24-29 June 2019: Registered for a participation to the international summer school-conference Advanced Problems in Mechanics (APM), Saint-Petersburg, Russia

- A first article in progress for publication soon


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Publications HAL: 

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