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Award-Winning Group Science Projects

>Group Science Projects awarded prizes by the École Polytechnique
>Group Science Projects and business start-ups

Group Science Projects awarded prizes by the École Polytechnique

> Projection of a volumetric image - First prize 2013
-The idea : To develop a new means of telecommunication to meet the growing need for a feeling of closeness between communicators. The concept stems from the device that can be seen in Star Wars. The correspondent's image is projected in 3D and several observers can, regardless of their position, view the person fully while speaking to them.
-Results: A miniature assembly that carries out the 3D image projection function. A scatter plot processing algorithm that makes this projection possible.
-Partner: The École Polytechnique's Optical and Biosciences Laboratory.

> Fluid optical scanning - Second prize 2013
-The idea : To develop a new computer entry method, from a study published by a researcher at the ICM,  with the hope of significantly speeding up typing for disabled users. It involved no longer entering the letters one by one, but instead drawing a trajectory over a virtual keyboard with the eyes, which an algorithm would decode to deduce the words entered.
-Results: Fluid optical data input writing software using a simple webcam.
-Partner: Collaboration of Jean Lorenceau, researcher at the ICM.

> Bacterial biosequestration of CO2 - Third prize 2013
The idea : Study of one of the CO2 transformation pathways present in the atmosphere and dissolved in certain waters. It involves bacterial biosequestration. This technique has the advantage of being a sustainable  more environmentally-friendly biological treatment which transforms carbon into a non-polluting solid form that is easy to recycle or store.

Group Science Projects and business start-ups

Group Science Projects can also lead to the start-up of a business: 
> The start-up " Echy" offers an ecological alternative to electricity for lighting during the day: natural light is captured outside buildings and brought inside by means of optical fibers. Derived from the Group Science Project carried out by Florent Longa and Quentin Martin-Laval, the start-up won the Ile-de-France Concours Talents de la création d’entreprise (business start-up talent competition for the Ile de France region).

> The SAM project was designed to free cyclists of the need to change gears. Based on a statistical learning approach, SAM is an "intelligent bike" capable of changing gears automatically based on the terrain and physical abilities of the cyclist. The idea was developed in 2012 by six École Polytechnique students as part of their Group Science Project. In 2013, three of them decided to continue the adventure beyond the Group Science Project. The project was awarded the Jean-Louis Gérondeau Zodiac Aerospace 2013 prize and sports retailer Decathlon is keeping a close watch on SAM's developments.
This project is run by Sébastien Martin, Alexis Mocellin and Matthieu Toulemonde, Polytechnicians from the class of 2011.