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École Polytechnique now offers a highly selective Bachelor program, designed in accordance with that of major international universities. This Bachelor will provide multidisciplinary training of excellence, based on mathematics. For this undergraduate program, École Polytechnique will recruit top-level students with very high potential, looking to study in a competitive international environment. This program, delivered in English, will open in 2017.

This Bachelor is aimed at top-level French and international students, with very high potential.
This undergraduate program will be fit for students looking for an international and multicultural environment.
The students will also have to follow a demanding multidisciplinary scientific program focused on mathematics, physics, computer science and chemistry.

A program leading to what?
The primary purpose of this Bachelor program is to deliver an intermediary diploma, opening the doors of various Master's and graduate degree programs, at l’X or other major institutions internationally, such as:
>Graduate degree programs from École Polytechnique
>Ingénieur Polytechnicien program
>École Polytechnique PhD program
>French Grandes écoles: leading scientific and technological institutes in France
>Master’s programs from Université Paris-Saclay
>Master’s programs from other prominent international institutions

Students will be encouraged to continue towards a PhD and will have access to dedicated support and scholarships’ programs to do so.

Admission process and application
Students will apply by submitting a dossier, in accordance with international standards. This dossier will include documents to assess the level of the applicants, in particular in sciences, and others to assess his/her motivation as well as potential. Shortlisted applicants will then do an oral interview (which will be conducted remotely).
To help the students to pay the costs of living as well as tuition fees, there will be scholarships and loans programs.

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