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Bioengineering, Biology and Health Sciences

>Transposing advanced concepts and tools in physics, chemistry, optics and mechanics to improve understanding of the living world and develop more efficient diagnostics and treatments,
>Modeling and simulating biological processes and evolution,
>Designing new materials and miniature devices that can communicate with each other to make medicine more personalized.

All of these biology-related topics embody the specific nature of this research at the École Polytechnique and form an interdisciplinary synergy that drives its growth.

Some ongoing projects:

Proteus, a promising software program for drawing proteins
Drawing proteins using a computer is a strategic challenge for biotechnology and synthetic biology. It can help produce new proteins, enzymes, biosensors and materials. The Biochemistry Laboratory (BIOC) designed the Proteus software using a state-of-the-art method that it developed. Using this tool, researchers succeeded in redrawing tyrosyl-tRNA Synthetase, one of the key enzymes for interpreting the genetic code in proteins. They were able to activate it for two tyrosine amino acids, thus making it possible to produce proteins as yet unheard of in nature for therapeutic or industrial purposes.

Funding to develop innovative molecular diagnostic technology
Charles Baroud, researcher at the X Hydrodynamics Laboratory (LadHyX), is the winner of the prestigious European Research Council's (ERC) "Proof of Concept" award for the "Puces à gouttelettes pour les biologistes (droplet chips for biologists)" project. He and Rémi Dangla, a post-doctorate student at LadHyX, were able to miniaturize the high-speed production of droplets using a simple, low-cost device. This funding enabled their start-up "Stilla Diagnostic" to make the leap between academic results and commercial use with an application for molecular diagnostics.