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Corporate Club of l'X, a link between start-ups and companies

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation Directorate of École Polytechnique launched its "Corporate Club" on Tuesday, March 28th, in order to strengthen the links between start-ups and companies. The objective is to give Club members privileged access to the entrepreneurial ecosystem of l'X.

The kick-off was given on Tuesday March 28th, 2017. Corporate Club of École Polytechnique brings together companies from various high-tech sectors, all committed to open innovation. The idea is to be able to develop a culture of collaboration between start-ups and large groups and thus allow the emergence of future champions in an ecosystem that creates value and jobs.

In order to encourage the development of these partnerships between corporate representatives and entrepreneurs, each of the member companies:

- benefits from access to the coworking space in the heart of the campus

- can participate in networking workshops and events

- can meet privileged start-ups supported by École Polytechnique

- has the possibility to organize an event to present its activities on École Polytechnique's campus

Thus far, Dassault Systèmes, Ericsson, Cisco and ENGIE are the first to join the club. In the medium term, it should bring together some fifteen companies.

"The creation of this "Corporate Club" is part of the approach that l'X, through its Entrepreneurship and Innovation Directorate, wishes to promote through partnerships between start-ups and large companies, SMEs and middle-market companies, on a balanced, sustainable and trustworthy basis. In an increasingly competitive environment where innovation and marketing cycles are constantly shortened, these collaborations will be beneficial for companies as well as for young entrepreneurs whose strengths and assets are complementary," explains Matthieu Somekh, Director of the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Directorate.