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COVID-19 – The School reopens and prepares for the new academic year

École Polytechnique, which has ensured operational continuity across all its missions during the lockdown, has reopened its premises on May 12th and is preparing for the new academic year.

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Vue du campus de l'Ecole polytechnique

École Polytechnique, whose premises remained close during the eight weeks of the lockdown decided to stem the COVID-19 pandemic, has reopened since May 12th in line with its plan for resuming activities, with a first stage that will continue until June 2nd.

The mobilization of all staff, academic personnel, and students has enabled the School to ensure operational continuity across all its missions and to manage individual cases in the best possible way, during the lockdown.

With the gradual return to our activities, our priority as a School remains to ensure the safest possible conditions for everyone and work together to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

A guidebook specifying the procedures and health safety measures to be followed on campus has been made available.

The necessary personal protective equipment (masks and hand sanitizer) are being distributed to everyone (students and staff members) since May 12th.

Although the school is implementing multiple collective protective procedures and measures, it is everyone responsibility to fully comply with these protective procedures, including physical distancing and protective measures on campus.

As a reminder, the following guidelines apply to teaching and student activities:

  • Classes will continue to be conducted online until the start of the Fall semester in September.
  • Non-ranking exams will be organized remotely.
  • Ranking exams will be postponed until September.
  • Scenarios are being developed for the start of the 2020 academic year for all programs.
  • An impact study is currently being conducted for the start of the academic year for X2020 students (military induction, Courtine, school training, Personal Development and Military Training period).
  • Graduation ceremonies have been postponed or are being organized remotely. For the 2020 Bachelor program, a virtual ceremony is scheduled for July 17th.

Concerning the reopening of the campus and staff activities:

  • Remote working should still be prioritized whenever possible.
  • The resumption of campus activities is being organized by laboratory directors and department heads and plans are submitted for approval by the School’s senior management. In cooperation with the various laboratory supervisors, l’X, as the host, will handle the plan for resuming activities for the research center on behalf of all the center’s personnel.
  • The department heads and laboratory directors will be in charge of preparing the workstations for each unit.