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Department of Applied Mathematics

École Polytechnique is the only Grande École among all French universities and engineering schools with separate academic departments for pure and applied mathematics. The Department of Applied Mathematics focuses on the links between the many applications and all of the major fields in science, engineering and social sciences.


Department Goals
The Department is constantly updating its curriculum, following the trends of technological progress and new developments in research and resulting career evolutions. Thus Polytechnicians attend courses in applied mathematics at all stages of their studies. The Department of Applied Mathematics offers:

>Very high-level core courses
Applied mathematics is used more and more in all major business sectors, with very demanding requirements: responsiveness to technological restraints, real-time simulations, minimizing risks, and management and manipulation of massive databases.
The courses offered by the department are designed to reflect this diversity and take students to the highest level, providing them with a greater adaptability to the evolutions in their future careers. Students are introduced to the fundamental fields of applied mathematics, which share the same methods of modeling, mathematical analysis and digital simulation. Then studies are split into two major branches: one which focuses on numerical analysis and optimation, and the other on randomness with probabilistic and statistical components.

>An advanced concentration track
The concentration track in applied mathematics enables students to explore the depths of many areas of applied mathematics.
The courses feature very high level mathematics, always accompanied by their applications to other fields, such as: mechanics, physics, engineering sciences, IT systems control, signal and image processing, large database management, biology, life sciences, market finance, and economics.

>Courses featuring digital projects
The majority of courses in applied mathematics feature projects, such as a study which starts with the modeling of a problem and culminates in digital simulations, including a research phase and mathematical analysis. These projects form an integral part of the curriculum.
Through this active learning style, the department seeks to stimulate the courage and initiative of the students. The department is heavily involved in programs focused on startup creation.

>Strong ties between academics and research
The department is associated with the Center for Applied Mathematics (CMAP) and there are many exchanges bewteen the academic and research spheres. This is due to the rapid response of applied mathematics to major technological advancements and social evolutions.
The research teams (affiliated with the CNRS and INRIA) cover the majority of themes taught in courses and offer both Polytechnicians and Master’s students an introduction to research, either in a corporate or academic setting. 
Students may also choose to pursue their studies with a doctoral thesis, either in an academic research laboratory or within a company.

Careers in Applied Mathematics
Knowldge of Applied Mathematics gives special access to advanced careers in engineering. Opportunities for graduates are widely varied. Major business sectors include: business analytics and production optimization, web services and software, networks and communications R&D, statistical analysis, signal and image processing R&D, energy R&D, transportation and environment, research and academia, banking, finance, insurance, and startup creation.

Laboratories and Chairs of the Department
> CMAP - Applied Mathematics Center
> The Mathematical Modeling and Biodiversity Chair
> The Financial Risks Chair
> The Sustainable Development and Finance Chair
> The Markets in Mutation Chair