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Department of Biology

École Polytechnique was the first French general engineering school to introduce biology into its curriculum. The Department of Biology provides future engineers and doctors a solid background in biology, preparing them to confront the field’s related social issues such as health, ethics, and bioengineering.


Department goals
The Department of Biology offers :

> A solid education in mollecular and cellular biology
All students in the Ingénieur Polytechnician Program may take specialized courses in molecular or cellular biology, starting from their 2nd year of studies. Courses in Ecology and Biodiversity and in Biology and Human Pathology are also available.

> Concentrations linked to other subjects
Biology is naturally at the crossroads of many areas of science, since to study the living world it applies the key concepts of other fields. In this sense, multidisciplinary studies are offered beginning in the 3rd year of the Ingénieur Polytechnician Program and at the Master 1 level: biology-physics-chemistry, biology-computer science-modelling, and ecology-economics-mathematics.

> An experimental approach to courses
Experimentation is the heart of biological advancement. Students are thus encouraged to follow MODALs (Applied Laboratory Modules) on topics such as “Jellyfish and fireflies, two examples of bioluminescence” or “Antibodies: from immune response to diagnosis”. Experimental projects in genetic engineering are also offered to illustrate the strategies and applications of gene manipulation.

> Ever-increasing research opportunities
Ecole Polytechnique has recently launched a project to double its research facilities and resources in biology. The “Biology and Interfaces” project focuses on biology and cellular engineering. The expansion of biological research on campus will promote new growth at the heart of the field, supported by the multidisciplinary skills of the Research Center. This research will provide ample new prospects in technological applications, particularly in the biomedical field. This project will also enable the school to expand its academic offeringst.

Careers in Biology
Students who will pursue doctoral degrees conduct research in life sciences in the public and private sectors. Meanwhile, future engineers are prepared for highly skilled scientific and technical positions in sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, fine chemicals, agrochemistry, food and algriculture, the environment, cosmetology, and biomedical engineering. Other graduates will turn towards entrpreneurship, creating their own business or working in startups related to biotechnologies.

Laboratories of the Department
> BIOC - Biochemistry Laboratory
> LOB - Optics and Biosciences