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Department of Chemistry

The Department of Chemistry welcomes students seeking to familiarize themselves with the fundamentals of chemistry, as well as those who intend to pursue professional careers in the field. Chemistry is closely linked to all levels of human activity (diet, clothing, housing, transportation, health…), and understanding its language is vital to address current and future social and economic challenges.  

Department Goals
The Department of Chemistry offers:

>Fundamental studies which cover all areas of chemistry
Starting in their second year, students in the Ingénieur Polytechnician Program receive a thorough education in chemistry, including couses in both molecular chemistry and materials chemistry.

>An optional concentration with specialized studies
In their 3rd year, Polytechnicians have the option to take one of two possible concentrations in chemistry: the Molecular Chemistry Concentration or the Materials Chemistry Concentration.
Chemistry courses in the 3rd year cover many different areas: organic molecular/organometallic chemistry, chemical catalysis, spectroscopy, polymer chemistry, nanoscience and the sol-gel process, molecular modeling, industrial chemistry, bioorganic chemistry and medical chemistry.

>An international Master's program in molecular chemistry
The courses in this Master's program focus primarily on chemical synthesis and organometallic chemistry and catalysis. The program provides many opportunities for crossover studies and research in biology, physics, and mathematics. Student and faculty mobility is also strongly encouraged, as well as joint research with other universities or laboratories. Courses are given in English, and over half of the students in the program are international.

>Special exchanges with biology and physics
In line with the multidisciplinary education provided at École Polytechnique, the Department of Chemistry promotes exchanges with other subjects. Thus, it collaborates with other departments in designing their courses and academic programs, especially in physics and biology.

Careers in Chemistry
Chemistry is a unique field that is both an academic subject and an industry in its own right. Future engineers and researchers may thus pursue careers in any chemistry-related field, such as: pharmaceuticals and analysis of biological compounds, materials for converting and stocking solar energy, analysis of pollutants and chemical analysis procedures for the environment, and new technologies in communications and information, in relation to materials and electrical components.
The Department of Chemistry thus trains high-level, polyvalent professionals who are skilled in research, development, and production across the entire spectrum of the chemical industry.

Laboratories of the Department
> LSO - Organic Synthesis Laboratory
> LCM - Laboratory for Molecular Chemistry
> PMC - Condensed Matter Physics