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Department of Humanities and Social Sciences

The Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Department is one of the special features of École Polytechnique which sets it apart from the other leading French engineering schools.

The courses taught in the HSS Department provide a unique and enriching experience for students, putting their scientific knowledge into perspective with courses in history and in political and social structures.


Department Goals
In the tradition of the age of enlightment, the goal of the HSS department is to train critical minds that are curious and open to the issues of the current world.
These studies are intended to help students develop their capacities for intuition, dialogue and innovation: cela afin de répondre the demands of the complex and multicultural society in which they live and work.

Courses in the department are focused on three main areas:

>Law, Economics, Management and Political Science
Courses and lectures are offered, for example, in: business law, communications and media, culture politics, geopolitics, and entrepreneurship.

>Literature and Humanities
The department offers courses and lectures in several subjects, such as: literary analysis, history of science, philosophy, history of religion, sociology, anthropology, and introduction to psychoanalysis.

>Arts and Architecture
Courses are available in art history, architecture, and design, to name a few. The departement also offers workshops in small groups on subjects such as still life and figure drawing, sculpture, printmaking and painting.

Careers in Humanities and Social Sciences
The courses provided by the departement enable aspiring engineers and doctors to pursue careers geared towards culture and cultural management.
Graduates also hold management positions in administration, large businesses and mid-sized businesses and startups.

Laboratory and Academic and Research Chaire of the Department
> LinX - Laboratoire interdisciplinaire de l'X
> Chair for Sustainable Development-EDF-École Polytechnique (DDX)