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Department of Mechanics

The Department of Mechanics provides future engineers and doctors a multidisciplinary education which is grounded in the two major areas of mechanics, namely fluid mechanics and solid mechanics. The department covers a wide variety of applications, including for example civil engineering, aeronautics, and biomechanics.


Department Goals
The Department of Mechanics offers:

>Fundamental introductory courses in the major areas of mechanics, with a choice of original subjects such as ocean dynamics, fracture mechanics, vibrations, or animal and human locomotion and propulsion.
>Practical workshop classes such as Innovative Technology Design: the goal of this course is to explore original approaches to resolving technical challenges for today’s society through technological innovations in mechanics.
>An experimental approach to courses in which students are encouraged to become acquainted with physical reality through experimental phenomena such as fluid flows and material deformations.
>Frequent encounters with research for students through research projects in partner laboratories, as well as through the Group Science Projects in Year 2 of the Ingénieur Polytechnician Program.

Careers in Mechanics
Future engineers and doctors are prepared for high-potential positions with strong scientific and technical requirements for industry and for government administration.
As mechanics plays a major role in all industrial sectors, the opportunities for graduates are vast. Some of the most popular sectors for mechanics specialists include: energy, construction, transportation, bioengineering, agriculture and food processing, meteorology, and the environment.
École Polytechnique graduates can thus be found in many of the major international industrial groups, in high-tech SMEs , and in research and innovation departments of all types of organizations and corporations.

Laboratories and Chairs of the Department
> LMS - Solids Mechanics Laboratory
> LADHYX - Hydrodynamics
> LMD - Dynamic Meteorology Laboratory
> The André Citroën Chair
> The Cardiovascular Cellular Engineering Chair