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Department of Pure Mathematics

Mathematics play a predominant role in students’ education at École Polytechnique. Polytechnicians, Master’s students and PhD candidates benefit from the expertise of their professors in the Department of Pure Mathematics, who conduct research at the highest international level.


Department Goals
The Department of Pure Mathematics offers:

>Very high-level studies in fundamental mathematics: since its creation, École Polytechnique has been distinguished by the advanced level of its education in fundamental mathematics.
This unique aspect of its curriculum provides students with the necessary theoretical foundations for further studies in other related subjects, such as: physics, mechanics, computer science, and economics.
For certain students, it opens the way for a concentration in mathematics, available through the concentration track and doctoral research.

>An advanced concentration in mathematics, with dedicated courses held in small groups starting in Year 3 of the Ingénieur Polytechnician Program, as well as at the Master’s and doctoral levels.
The concentration track offered by the Department of Mathematics offers students courses which are in tune with contemporary mathematical research, with many applications in one or several related fields such as physics, mechanics, and computer science.

>Interactions with other subjects: the Mathematics and Computer Science Track, for example, offers courses in mathematics with applications in computer science, such as cryptography.
Other courses with links to applied mathematics and physics are also available.

>A research-oriented approach, through research projects in laboratories, MODAL units (practical labs), and Group Science Projects in Year 2 of the Ingénieur Polytechnician Program.

Careers in Mathematics
Students take introductory courses in fundamental mathematics which are essential for mastering other subjects, such as physics, mechanics, computer science, and economics. They are thus well-equipped for future positions with strong scientific and technical requirements in the industrial sector and in administration.
Master’s students and PhD canditates in fundamental mathematics may pursue academic careers as researchers and professors in universities, Grandes Écoles, and research organizations, as well as in corporations and government administration, where a background in mathematical research is increasingly valuable.

Laboratory of the Department
> CMLS - Laurent Schwartz Mathematics Center