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  • Launched in October 2014 by École Polytechnique, the first session of the "Data Sciences Starter Program" ended in December. The program offers an introduction to Data Science and Big Data in France. The participants testify.
  • Two alumni of École Polytechnique created Shift Technology, a start-up that offers an IT solution to detect insurance fraud. In 2014, Shift Technology won the "Global Innovation Competition 2030".
  • Every year, the International Physicists Tournament brings together teams of physicists studying in the best institutions worldwide. On January 6, four teams competed at l'X to represent France at the Tournament taking place in April this year. Students from École Polytechnique won.
  • As a result of École Polytechnique's collaborations with the most prestigious scientific and technological Brazilian institutions, several Brazilian students join l'X every year, and more and more students from l'X also choose to spend some time in Brazil.
  • In 2013, École Polytechnique and Caltech established a Master’s education exchange program. Ryan McMullen and Richard Kennedy, who arrived from Caltech at École Polytechnique through this program, share their experience.