Tuberculosis is the leading cause of infectious infectious mortality in the world: 1.5 million victims in 2020.

In 2020, according to the WHO, 10 million people have contracted tuberculosis and 80% of the cases of tuberculosis are in developing countries. Among them, an estimated 4.2 million cases are estimated to be undetected. These cases are extremely contagious and generate the next 10 million infections the following year. EpiLAB is developing a portable and easy-to-use diagnostic test that is positioned at the base of the health pyramid, preceding more accurate but also more expensive tests.

This test meets the specifications defined by the World Health Organization, it is :

  • Portable & easy to use: no infrastructure or medical required.
  • Reliable: diagnostic accuracy competing with tests on the market.
  • Fast: results are produced in less than two hours and are sent to a in a cloud ensuring traceability of cases  and their management.