Founded in 2018 by Armand Collier & Samuel Schneider, Escensi, from the Latin "to rise" or "to get up" is first and foremost a company that identified the vital need to master time.

Following the death of Samuel's grandmother from a fall, even though she was equipped with a fall notification device, Escensi was born out of the realization that technology was not adapted to seniors and the problems associated with aging.

Escensi is a design office specialized in health and e-health solutions using UWB technology.

With the use of UWB (Ultra Wide Band) technology and the use of Isaac Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation, Escensi has been developing since 2018 a UWB fall detection device based on a person's position relative to the ground. By connecting a box equipped with UWB technology ( the anchor) with a bracelet equipped with this same technology, Sunrise is able to know in real time the position of a person in relation to the ground, if the person gets too close to the ground, Sunrise launches a series of calculations using its algorithms to identify the nature of the approach :

  •     If the person is close to the ground due to a voluntary movement such as tying their shoes, Sunrise will identify that the person is not in a risky situation.
  •     If the person is close to the ground due to an involuntary movement that causes a fall, Sunrise will identify that it is a fall and raise the alarm to medical teams.