Gamma Pulse SAS is a DeepTech start-up created in 2014 with the ambition to become a world leader in the security and protection of people and goods. Founded by scientists in the École Polytechnique's business incubator, the company has developed a disruptive technology based on the use of pulsed power plasma to detect hidden explosives and special nuclear materials.

Following the health crisis caused by COVID-19, Gamma Pulse experts developed the KillViD project, an innovative virucidal system capable of decontaminating the air in confined spaces in 100% real time. Clinical trials led by Inserm have demonstrated this effectiveness. Patents have been filed in 2020, passed to PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) in 2021 and the project, which has already attracted the first investors, is  preparing to enter the industrialization phase.

KillViDTM is a high-tech air decontamination system using pulsed electrical power. It uses a revolutionary and innovative atmospheric plasma reactor. It is 100% effective against all contaminants including SARS-CoV-2, but also fine particles pollutants and allergens. It is completely harmless, energy efficient and can be used in any enclosed space (home office, vehicle, establishment receiving the public...).