Created in 2021 and approved by the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), Horae Technology is an entrepreneurial and independent management  company. Its mission: to add value to the savings entrusted to it. Horae Technology targets a clientele of and financial market professionals. It offers a discretionary and flexible investment philosophy through the management  of mandates and the Horae Opportunities Fund (approved by the AMF).
In its investment universe, equities and bonds on the regulated US and European markets, the management team favours highly dynamic investments of a few days to a few weeks to a few weeks. The objective is to capture all or part of a trend, whether the trend is upwards or downwards.

Horae Technology stands out in the asset management landscape by its markedly innovative approach. It was the first portfolio management company selected by the X-Up programme (École Polytechnique). The company has specialised in cutting-edge research in artificial intelligence (reinforcement learning) and behavioural finance. The algorithms developed, applied to the behaviour of of financial securities, are intended to assist in decision making.

Committed and responsible, Horae promotes environmental, social and governance criteria.