It is impossible for health professionals such as surgeons or veterinarians to quantify pain alertness or depth of anaesthesia in a reliable and certain way, as these are physical and mental states that occur simultaneously. Manitty is developing an ecosystem of of embedded connected devices and a PaaS solution, capable of  predictive diagnostics by learning and automatically analyse physiological and brain signatures.
This solution is particularly relevant for MedTech applications such aspre/post and end-to-end monitoring, early detection of seizure states and monitoring of ambulatory patients.
To date, no system is capable of acquisition of multi-modal physiological  signals in mobility and over a long period of time, especially for brain waves. This is the reason why the BrainReader solution has been developed. On the other hand, since raw signals are difficult to understandable, we are working to set up an algorithmic platform for the automatic interpretation of signals generated by our systems.
We want to make it possible to understand of the body anywhere, anytime and for everyone. Our goal is to make this platform a reference on which  practitioners can rely on to help them improve  their diagnosis, treatment the well-being and follow-up of their patients.