PROFESSORBOB.AI, a "Deep Tech SaaS" start-up education and AI specialist, has developed a a virtual teaching assistant that enables students to learn faster and more effectively, thanks to revolutionary  AI technologies including Automatic Language Processing TAL or NLP / Natural Language Processing. Their AI team works closely in R&D with the most important public research laboratory in TAL or NLP, the CNRS / LISN.

Their mission is to provide an automated SaaS solution to make learning and training to millions of learners laround the world. They support them throughout the learning process, whatever the field of knowledge, ProfessorBob models knowledge. This knowledge comes from various sources of its clients (education and training sector) in different formats (PDF, Doc, PPT, HTML, Audio / Video). For this purpose, the textual content of the sources is extracted, segmented into knowledge units and then indexed and vectorised to create a knowledge corpus.

Finally, ProfessorBob models these knowledge units in the form of a knowledge graph and thousands of questions/answers on key concepts of the sources.