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Key Participants in Equal Opportunity Programs

The Diversity and Success Center coordonates all activities related to equal opportunities across several teams and participants : from Polytechnicians and student clubs, École Polytechnique offices and administrative teams, organizations, associations, and businesses.

Polytechnicians and student clubs
The singularity of the École polytechnique Diversity and Success Center stems from the unique and outstanding dedication it is given by Polytechnician students, in particular through various student clubs. This unique dedication is demonstrated through a real commitment by the students throughout the duration of studies and even after graduating from École polytechnique. These student activities and programs help to open Polytechnicians’ minds and develop their awareness of social realities.
One of the primary goals of École polytechnique is to train responsible managers and leaders. Around 100 Polytechnicians are involved in social or civic student clubs, known as “binets”.
L'ASK (Action Sociale de la Kès) is the association which supervises all activities pertaining to gender equality, social diversity, and disabled issues. In total, around 250 Polytechnicians participate in other well-known associations and organizations which as a secondary activity also promote and encourage equal opportunities.

Internships in Civic Service
A unique feature of École polytechnique’s curriculum is to offer valuable training through internships in civic associations and organizations, thus instilling equal opportunities as a crucial value for Polytechnicans. One-fourth of the students in the Ingénieur Polytechnicien Program thus enroll, for six months, through the Year 1 Internship Program, with a civic association or regional collective and other State-run services for civic activities which promote equal opportunities.

Sharing Skills Through Mentoring
> Getting involved during studies
For a full day, students lend their skills to projects organized by associations in various areas. They address the concrete issues of one of these associations to provide solutions. This Polytechnician initiative is part of the national framework supported by the Pro Bono Lab Association.
> Getting involved after graduation
Graduates may also continue their commitments even after they have completed their studies through associations such as Mat’les Vacances or the Frateli organization to mentor young students from modest backgrounds.

École polytechnique Offices and Services, Partner Associations, Partner Collectives, Partner Businesses
> The school’s various administrative offices share their expertise in areas related to equal opportunities. The Diversity and Success Center coordinates all of their activities, making use of the various skills and services in which the different offices are specialized : the Academic Affairs Office, the Personal Development and Military Training Office, sports coaches and facilities, the Communications Office, the Multimedia and Audiovisual Centers, food services, and transportation.
> Partner Associations
The Center also organizes activities in collaboration with associations and foundations throughout the region on different themes: social diversity and equal opportunities, job hunting, disabled and accessibility issues, gender equality, skill mentoring, and popularizing science.
> Partner Collectives
The Diversity and Success Center also cooperates with the Cultural Service of the Mayor’s Office of Palaiseau, Conseil général de l'Essonne, Région Île-de-France, Acsé.
> Partner Businesses
The Center also participates in activities with businesses.