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Markets, Innovation and Science-Society Relations

>Formalizing society's organizational processes
>Analyzing innovation processes in industry, in the relationships between the organization and creative abilities of businesses
>Identifying concepts in market structuring and regulation
>Analyzing changes in science and techniques and the relationships between technology and change in society and its organization
>Developing quantitative approaches to market fluctuations and public policies.

The École Polytechnique laboratories study all of these challenges facing society and more besides.

Some ongoing projects:

Coopetition, a unique business strategy
Traditionally, businesses have developed their own strategies to have a competitive advantage over their rivals. However, businesses are increasingly cooperating with their competitors on shared projects while continuing to compete. This is called coopetition. Sustainable development, innovation, and launching mega civil or defense projects are just some examples of where coopetition plays a pivotal role. The Centre de Recherche en Gestion (CRG - Management Research Center) is developing a classification system for coopetition strategies and organizational formats that can be adopted for collaborations between businesses, particularly meta-organizations.

Using information and communications technology (ICT) to support urban services in Indian cities
The Management Research Center (CRG), in partnership with the Institut de la Mobilité Durable ParisTech-Renault (ParisTech-Renault Institute of Sustainable Mobility) and Berkeley-University of California, is studying how information and communications technology (ICT) improves the water and electricity distribution services in developing countries. Researchers are using the analogy between water and electricity consumption practices and analyzing partial improvement experiments for providing these public services using information technology. They are also evaluating the development and impacts of NextDrop, a Berkley start-up, which provides a water distribution information service in real time to a few cities in India. The objective is to analyze the development ecosystem in order to roll out this field at the École Polytechnique for entrepreneurial purposes.