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Data Sciences

Diploma: Master in « Mathematics and applications » University Paris-Saclay


Experiments, observations, and numerical simulations in many areas of science and business are currently generating terabytes of data, and in some cases are on the verge of generating petabytes and beyond. Data mining of massive data sets is transforming the way we think about crisis response, marketing, entertainment, cyber-security, and national intelligence. It is also transforming how we think about information storage and retrieval. Collections of documents, images, videos, and networks are being thought of not merely as bit strings to be stored, indexed, and retrieved, but also as potential sources of valuable information. Discovery and knowledge, requiring sophisticated analysis techniques that go far beyond classical indexing and keyword counting, aiming to find relational and semantic interpretations of the phenomena underlying the data.Data Science and Bigdata are two key areas for positive interdisciplinary science involving mathematics, computer science. The context is the management of heterogeneous data of potentially very big scale.

Job openings
Data scientist may practice various functions, from setting up new decision–making information systems, with a deep impact in management, to developing completely new applications in various sectors of activities such as: software editors, online shopping, public services, high tech, banking and finance, biomedical institutions…

Year 1 Track Jacques Hadamard – École Polytechnique
The Jacques Hadamard track is a demanding track offering a wide choice of high level courses in mathematics and an inside view of research in mathematics addressing open and up to date problematics.
Prerequisite : Open to the best national and international students with a bachelor, Licence (L3) or equivalent with an excellent level in mathematics
Langage : French
Location : Palaiseau, Cachan, Orsay

Site web du M1

Year 2
Prerequisite: direct admission in 2nd year is open to high level Graduate students (1st year validated) in a comparable program in Mathematics or Computer Science (60 ECTS) or equivalent. Applications from Physics and Economics graduate students will be also considered.
Langage: English
Location: Paris, Palaiseau, Orsay
Validation rules: The Master Diploma is delivered upon validation of 120 ECTS (60 ECTS in 1st year and 60 ECTS in 2nd year)

Costs: registration fees (256€ in 2015-16) + social security affiliation (213€ in 2015-16)

Master website
Website FMJH

Application between February 1st and July 4th, 2016
3 Jurys:

  • Beginning of April
  • End of May
  • Mid July

Admissions may be accorded for late applications received after the deadline of the 2nd session. In every case, you will receive an answer by the 15th of July 2016, at the latest.
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Scholarships program:
Paris-Saclay Scholarships for international Master students arriving in France (10k€)
Fondation de Mathématiques Jacques Hadamard (FMJH) Scholarship for talented M1 or M2 students applying for a Master program in Mathematics in one of the FMJH member institutions. more details

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