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Track : Multiscales and Multiphysics Modeling of Materials and Structures (M4S)
In a scientific and industrial context engaged in the search for innovative solutions, it is vital to describe more finely the mechanical response of materials and structures, forcing to work on several scales. This research area is booming and relies on different disciplines: physicians bring their knowledge on small scales, mechanics scientists their on large scales and mathematicians support scales change techniques. The Master M4S is conceived as a meeting point between these three areas, with extensive training on the fundamentals of mechanics of materials and structures, significant attention to multiscale and multiphysics aspects of research and a decidedly mathematical approach.
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Track: Biomechanical engineering
Biomechanical engineering is a growing interdisciplinary field. The main scientific goals for this program are to give students wishing to make a PhD and subsequent career in research in biomechanics and/or biomedical domains, a specific curriculum in biomechanical engineering. The curriculum is built on specialized courses and an internship. Since Biomechanical engineering is, by nature, at the cross section between mechanics and biology many courses will address this cross section and will include numerical approaches at various scales 
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Track: Acoustics
The areas affected by acoustic problematic, in particular: the production and transformation of energy (noise-induced genes installations, control structures), land transport, air and sea, town planning and architecture, imaging (medical, geological prospecting, etc.), communications and new media.
The acoustic Master trains students to analyze an industrial or academic acoustic problem. More specifically, this training is based on physical modeling and signal processing and any impacts in terms of perception. The focus is on industrial situations (pollution and control) and the sounds created by man or listened.
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Track: Fluid Mechanics
The main goal is to train students to the most advanced research topics in the field of complex fluids, turbulence, aerodynamics and control of flows, magnetohydrodynamics, to supply research laboratories on the Saclay plateau and beyond. The strengths of this purpose are the coupling between mechanics and physics, and the balance between experimental, numerical and theoretical approaches.
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Track : Materials and engineering Sciences
The objectives of this program are to provide students with a deeper understanding of materials science & engineering and solid mechanics fundamentals and to impart a better knowledge of recent developments in the field, for advanced industrial applications and innovative processes.
This program opens to carreers in academic field, private or public research laboratories, high technology industries (aircraft industry, spatial, energy, environment, civil engineering, car industry,etc.).
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