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Masters of Science and Technology

The Master of Science and Technology Programs are two-year courses taught entirely in English and set within an international environment, which prepare students to meet the challenges of disruptive technologies.

The Programs revolve around the strengths and assets of École Polytechnique education: proximity to businesses and responsiveness to the needs of industry, multidisciplinary teaching in the hard sciences and engineering, training anchored in top-level research combined with project-oriented study, exposure to the social sciences (management, economics etc.), and regular sports practice.

The following programs are open for applications:

>Internet of Things: Innovation and Management
The curriculum teaches students how to understand and measure how digitization and connected objects affect industry, business, technology and society in general. With tracks in either Entrepreneurship or Management, future entrepreneurs, engineers and consultants with a genuine passion for the Internet of Things can gain valuable expertise in the field.

>Energy Environment: Science Technology and Management (STEEM)
This Program uses a multidisciplinary, transverse approach to address energy and environment issues, preparing graduates to take up the challenges of modern renewable energy production and supply. The teaching combines the acquisition of essential scientific knowledge with classes in management adapted to the energy sector context, all provided in close interaction with leading partners in industry.

>Economics, Data Analytics and Corporate Finance
This course allows students to discover and understand new markets and their evolution within the economically competitive climate of our society. Through the application of quantitative methods such as statistics, econometrics or operational research, students learn about corporate strategy in situations of discontinuity and disruption.

>Data Science for Business (Joint Degree with HEC)
The Joint Degree in Data Science for Business offers a scientific education together with top-quality management training, with a view to shaping a new generation of data managers capable of processing data at all levels—in science, technology and business—and who are able to make strategic decisions based on data resources.

>Artificial Intelligence & Advanced Visual Computing
This Program’s curriculum is grounded mainly in digital technology with an emphasis on machine learning and its uses for data science, machine vision and the synthesis of virtual agents capable of communication in natural language. A number of additional classes cover creation and operation of 3D virtual worlds, drone control, design and manufacture of soft robots, virtual and augmented reality, and multimodal interaction.

>Smart Cities and Urban Policy
This Program is intended for students with a keen interest in economics who wish to specialize in the study of urban territories. Throughout the course, students are invited to reflect on and learn about the economic changes facing metropolitan areas. The curriculum comprises a mix of methodological content and real case studies, aimed at providing an understanding of the evolution of specific market segments and economic models. The professional focus of the program is strengthened by close, mutual ties with industrial and institutional partners from across a range of fields.

>Ecotechnologies for Sustainability and Environment Management
Designed to cater to a wide variety of business sectors, this course addresses and explores the full extent of environmental issues in today’s society. Students of the Program gain real-world technical expertise through the diagnostic study of land and water resources. Throughout their curriculum, students learn about new concepts in pollution control and waste valorization.

>Cybersecurity: Threat and Defense
This Program is intended for students who want to pursue a career in cybersecurity either as department managers or as auditors and specialists. The field of cybersecurity demands a high level of multidisciplinary technical knowledge, encompassing numerous subjects in IT and networking combined with an in-depth understanding of the underlying commercial, legal and societal issues. The Program, which integrates theoretical expertise and practical experience, is rounded off with two internships at cybersecurity companies or at companies where the field is a core area of focus.

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