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Multidisciplinary Research

The École Polytechnique's research strategy is built around three pillars: 23 laboratories, eight areas of research which meet the challenges of society and technology through cross-laboratory and mutlidisciplinary projects.

The eight Major Fields of Research cover all of the École's research activities:
> Bioengineering, Biology and Health Sciences
> Concepts and Methods for a Digital Society
> Energy, Transportation and Environment
> Modeling and Optimization of Complex Systems
> Matter and Light in Extreme Conditions
> Markets, Innovation and Science-Society Relations
> Nanoscience, Innovative Materials and Efficient Processes
> Universal Laws and Structures

The research strategy also relies on cross-laboratory and interdisciplinary projects as they involve several areas of research and several laboratories. These projects focus on a variety of topics based around science, technology and societal challenges which require both fundamental and applied research such as: energy storage, nanocomponent reliability, cutting-edge robotics, smart sensors, hadron therapy (type of radiation therapy for treating cancer), and the mathematization of Big Data problems.

This strategy aims to create and strengthen internal synergies around interdisciplinary projects and thus strengthen the group dynamic and visibility of the X Research Center.