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École Polytechnique is a founding member of ParisTech, the Paris Institute of Science and Technology. This research and higher education cluster, which groups together twelve of the most prestigious French grandes écoles dedicated to science and technology, has a reputation on par with that of the world's leading universities.

École Polytechnique at the heart of the ParisTech network
ParisTech, an inter-school cooperative structure, brings together twelve grandes écoles from the Ile-de-France region that are among the most prestigious in their field, including École Polytechnique.
Established on three campuses (Paris, Saclay and Marne-la-Vallée), these schools are recognized as being the best in France in their respective and complementary fields, which cover almost all engineering sciences.
They share the same values of seeking excellence and educational openness.

Promoting French-style grandes écoles education
When member schools join the ParisTech network, they undertake to promote French-style grandes écoles education both in France and abroad.
SuiteParisTech offers an increasingly attractive training program abroad, particularly in China.
The ParisTech Shanghai Jiao Tong engineering school, which opened in 2012 and was launched by X, ENSTA ParisTech, Telecom ParisTech, Mines ParisTech and SJTU, is the best example of ParisTech’s potential on an international level.
Classes are mainly given in French and the teaching model is based on that of ParisTech schools. Students spend a minimum of three months in France during their studies.
At the start of each school year, the university welcomes around one hundred Chinese students, who will be trained in management and engineering as part of an integrated six-year program.
Find out more about ParisTech’s global teaching and research partnerships.

Shared Master’s programs between X and ParisTech
École Polytechnique offers its students "ParisTech Master’s degrees," which give priority to highly demanding scientific teaching methods adapted to a competitive international environment.
In the field of teaching, École Polytechnique, like the other ParisTech schools, offers a number of Shared Master’s Programs.

Partnerships with companies
As part of ParisTech, École Polytechnique takes part in collaborative activities involving innovation-oriented training sessions and relations with large industrial groups.
It is notably a partner of the ParisTech Entrepreneurs Incubator.
This incubator is a support structure for start-up projects and assists innovative digital projects in France. The teams offer project directors personalized support over eighteen months and easier access to funding and organizations that support innovation.
The incubator has a special relationship with graduates from the ParisTech schools, including those from École Polytechnique. It supports start-up projects in which Polytechnique students participate, such as WePopp, Kikast and 360learning.

Encouraging research
ParisTech currently boasts a very high potential in terms of research.
Research is at the heart of ParisTech, which features:

- 12 main areas of expertise
- 125 laboratories
- A ParisTech Doctoral Institute (Institut Doctoral ParisTech)
- almost 3,000 researchers and researching professors
- more than 500 theses defended
- 3,500 scientific publications produced
- 70 teaching and research chairs
View all information about research activities.