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PhD Student Portraits

Wahb Ettoumi – Physics PhD - 2010/2013
"I completed my thesis at École Polytechnique after a Masters in Theoretical Physics at École Normale Supérieure in Cachan. At École Polytechnique I studied magnetic fusion and more specifically the diffusion of impurity particles in reactors, the idea being to predict the behavior of these particles to try to limit their disastrous effects. It's a future challenge especially with the construction of the ITER reactor in Cadarache, France. At École Polytechnique, the working conditions are ideal. I benefited from incredible infrastructures in terms of laboratory equipment and machines. I also had the opportunity to take part in many on-campus events and practice sporting activities such as rowing. Right now, I'm working in Switzerland doing academic research in fundamental physics".

Evgeny Norman – Physics PhD – 2010/2013
"After studies in Russia and a Masters at École nationale supérieure de techniques avancées in Brittany, I decided to do a PhD and chose to do it at École Polytechnique. École Polytechnique has the best possible professors and facilities for achieving top results. It's a real team effort! And most importantly, the graduates network atÉcole Polytechnique is extremely effective. Personally, it was instrumental in many of the job offers I received. I even found a job before submitting my thesis! Being a PhD student from École Polytechnique allowed me to be recruited by Cameca, a French company (Gennevilliers) that specializes in the field of scientific instrumentation".

Anirban Dhar, doctor of the Laboratory of Physics of Interfaces and Thin Films (LPICM) -2010/2013
"After completing a Masters in Engineering at the University of Calcutta, I decided to write a thesis on nanotechnology. I applied to several schools in India and other countries, including École Polytechnique in France. When I was accepted into the École Polytechnique I didn't hesitate. For two reasons : first, it's one of the best engineering schools in France and indeed the world. And second, it gave me the chance to explore a new field of research. In 2007, I started a thesis on the theme of "Carbon nanotube-based thin conductive films and electronic devices developed using printing techniques" at the LPICM. Working on the subject was one of the best experiences of my life".