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Student Space Center

Created to develop space research at the institution, the École Polytechnique Student Space Center (AstronautiX) brings together students of École Polytechnique, engineers, professors-researchers, and individuals from space agencies and industry. The Center’s main objectives are to promote work related to space on the École Polytechnique campus, respond to space agencies offering calls for tender for student projects, and to coordinate and monitor student space projects.

The projects of the Student Space Center enable students to develop their skills in systems engineering, in space engineering, and in the development of complex management, innovation and research projects. These skills are essential in asserting the presence of École Polytechnique in this field, both in the academic sphere and on a global level.

As an educational service at École Polytechnique, the Center coordinates all of the institution’s student projects in space engineering, each of which is carried out in partnership with French and international laboratories, and private or public enterprises.


The objectives of the Student Space Center are as follows:

- Train students for complex and innovative space projects
- Support students and liaise with laboratories
- Coordinate and monitor student space projects
- Prepare responses to calls for tender from space agencies for student projects
- Interact with individuals from industry and space agencies and develop collaborations with research organizations
- Organize calls for student project proposals from laboratories located on the École Polytechnique campus

On average, the Student Space Center is responsible for 10-12 space projects (Group Science Projects (Projets Scientifiques Collectifs) registered each year in the Mechanics, Computer Science, Innovation management and Entrepreneurship, and Physics departments, representing 15% of students in each year group.

For further information, please visit the Student Space Center website.

Lilia Solovyeva - Director of the Student Space Center
01 69 33 59 59