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Planning my budget

The following information is meant to help you be able to study in the best possible conditions during your time at l’X, without having to worry about financial issues. Learning how to budget will help you all throughout your professional life. You are strongly advised to inquire about the overall cost of studying abroad before your arrival to campus and to think about how much money you will have.


You should also pay attention to the academic calendar in relation to your spending and saving. The initial months at l’X are usually the most costly.

Let’s take the example of an international Ingénieur Polytechnicien student with a scholarship, who wishes to apply for a subsidized loan.


The CAF (Family Allowance Fund) pays Individual Housing Support (known as “APL” in French) to people with limited financial means. It is paid out at the earliest:

- during the second month of study for French students

- during the third month of study for EU students

- during the fourth month of study for non-EU students

Download the step-by-step budget guide for your studies at École Polytechnique (Excel spreadsheet) to help you.

Preparing my application for a scholarship

Your file is your personal representation when submitting your application, so make sure to spend some time working on it!

- Check that you are eligible

Familiarize yourself with the criteria of eligibility. These criteria may relate to your nationality, gender, level of education, academic results, income, age, etc. If you meet all the criteria set by the awarding body, you’re ready to apply!

- Plan your schedule ahead of time

It takes time to put together your application file, so don’t leave it to the last minute! Make a note of the application deadline and start putting all the pieces together a month before the date.

- Read the instructions properly

Carefully read the guidelines for your desired scholarship as you will find a list of all the different elements that make up your application file, as well as notes on how to apply (by either mailing a paper document or applying online).

- Build your application file

An application file generally includes the following documents: