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Year 3 of the Ingénieur Polytechnicien Program

Scientific Concentrations 
The 3rd year of the Ingénieur Polytechnicien Program enables students to choose a Scientific Concentration.
Advanced scientific studies, with a focus on related applications, are available in the following Concentration Tracks:
> Biology
> Bioinformatics
> Chemistry
> Economics
> Electrical Engineering
> 21st Century Energies
> Computer Science
> Technological Innovation
> Pure Mathematics
> Applied Mathematics
> Mechanics
> Physics
> Science de la cognition and complex systems
> Science for Environmental Challenges

Depending on the Specialization Program, there are three possible approaches :
> Disciplinary course
> Interdisciplinary or thematic course
> Technology design and management course
This Specialization Program is complemented with a course in Humanities and Social Sciences, two foreign languages and sport.

Five-Month Research Internship
The research internship is an introduction to scientific research methods, focused on solving a new and original problem to which the scientific approach can be applied.
It takes place at the end of the third year for a period of 5 months in a public research organization (CNRS laboratory, Inserm, etc.) or in a company's R&D center in France or abroad. Students are required to submit a written report and undergo a viva voce on their internship.
This internship is an opportunity for students to apply their scientific knowledge, learn a scientific approach in an extended personal research project and join a work team. This professional experience also allows students to discover the sector in which they are specializing.

The research internship can be completed abroad either within a research organization or in a company's R&D center. This adds a cultural immersion and linguistic aspect to this professional experience.