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Mention : Économie

Diploma: Master in « Economics », University Paris-Saclay, international master




The Master in Economics is jointly offered by Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE, ENS Cachan, HEC Paris and the University of Paris Sud. The objective of this two-year program is to provide an advanced training in economics to students who want to become professional economists working in government, central banking, international organizations, consulting, finance or in academic research. The Master in Economics trains students to have a sound expertise in economics. The program heavily relies on advanced quantitative methods for both theoretical and empirical analysis. In the first year, students learn the main tools used in economics and their most important applications. During the second year, students specialize within subfields of economics: finance, games and decision theory, industrial economics, macroeconomics, international economics, public economics, labor economics, sustainable development, and econometrics. By the end of that year, they should be familiar with the research frontier within their main area of specialization.

Job openings
PhD in Economics for academic and research career, international and national public administrations, companies.

Year 1 – M1 in Economics
Prerequisite: open to the best national and international students with a bachelor, licence (L3), or Engineer students completing their training in the field economics. Students must have a span background in mathematics. The two semesters (S1 et S2) are built on a span theoretical training in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics. Students also have to choose electives and make a project in applied economics or quantitative methods. The end of the year is devoted to a research internship in a laboratory, company or administration evaluated by a report and defence.
Language: English
Location: Palaiseau


Application timeline 
Admissions may be accorded for late applications received after the deadline of the 2nd session. In every case, you will receive an answer by the middle of July, at the latest.


Contact for application in 1st Year

Year 2 – M2 in Economics
Prerequisite: high level Graduate students (with 60 ECTS validated) in a comparable program in economics (60 ECTS) or equivalent. The second year aims at broaden knowledge in core topics and offers a wide range of electives so that students can get more specialized. Classes are organised in structuring domains: Financial Economics, Economic Theory, Industrial Economics, International Trade and Spatial Economics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of Sustainable Development, Econometrics. Electives from the second semester are more advanced and specialised Students have to work on a research dissertation and subsequent defence.
Language: English
Location: Paris
Validation rules: The Master Diploma is delivered upon validation of 120 ECTS (60 ECTS in 1st year and 60 ECTS in 2nd year)

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Application timeline

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Paris-Saclay Scholarships for international Master students arriving in France (10k€) 


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