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Data Science Winter School: Tsinghua University, Renmin University and l'X

Data Science Winter School organized by Tsinghua University, Renmin University and École Polytechnique, funded by AXA chair, took place from January, 7th, till January, 11th, 2017, at Tsinghua University, Beijing.

The Data Science Winter School organized by Tsinghua University (Professor Jie Tang), Renmin University (Professor Jin Zhang) and École Polytechnique (Professor Michalis Vazirgiannis and The Data Science and Mining team of l'X) funded by AXA Chair reflected the common effort in the fast growing Data Science area that share the three insitutions. The event program featured state-of-the art on the topics in the area of social networks processing, large scale text mining and NLP with advanced machine learning techniques along with practical sessions.

Alexandr Galashov, X 2013, shares his experience after having participated in the Data Science Winter School: "I had a pleasure to participate in AXA Data Science Winter School which took place at Tsinghua University. My principal motivations were: have exposure to the Chinese science infrastructure, meet Chinese students and professors, discover their working habits and, of course, try the Chinese cuisine. The School met all my expectations.

From the academic perspective, there were interesting lectures where I learnt more about the graph methods applied to the natural language processing and social networks analysis. Half of the lectures were in Chinese, but the English support was provided and was very explicit and easy to follow. Furthermore, there was a Data Challenge organised by Pr. Vazirgianis and Pr. Giatsidis. It was an excellent opportunity to work in a team with two other Chinese students on solving proposed link prediction problem. I really enjoyed this experience since I could see how the collaboration and problem solving process work in China.

From the networking perspective, I could make several important contacts with some Chinese professors which, I’m sure, will be valuable for my future carrier. Culturally speaking, it was an amazing trip. I made many friends. They introduced me to the rich Chinese cuisine and were always available to show Beijing sightseeings. I was so touched by how I was welcomed there, which gives me the motivation to come back to China in my future.

I strongly recommend for students who are interested in future opportunities in China and simply by the Chinese culture, to participate in this academic event!"