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L'X participated in Peking University's 120th anniversary celebration

Peking University marked its 120th anniversary this year with a series of celebrations highlighting its rich history and its dedication to teaching, learning, innovation, and research. Jacques Biot, President of École Polytechnique, spoke on "New Technologies and New Economies" on this occasion.

Celebrations for the 120th anniversary of Peking University, one of the two leading institutions of higher education in China, together with Tsinghua university, started on April 30 and lasted until May 5, one day after the university's birthday. Founded as the Imperial University of Peking in 1898, Peking University is one of the oldest modern higher education institutions in China.

The two-day academic symposium was a highlight of Peking University's 120th anniversary celebratory events and a significant platform for international academic exchange. Experts from around the world discussed contemporary issues across a variety of fields, and the schedule included Nobel Laureates Thomas Sargent and Sir John Gurdon's lectures and discussions. A sampling of topics ranging from research fields of international relations, science and technology, economics, and globalization included  "Why Should Governments Pay Their Debts?", "Cell Replacement Therapy in Humans," "Preventing Systematic Financial Crisis in China," " Humans Are Always in the Making," and "R&D at Peking University" among others. L'X was represented by its President Jacques Biot who spoke on "New Technologies and New Economies" on May 5. The panel included Presidents and Vice Presidents of University of California, Kyushu University, Northwestern University, University of York and Taiwan University.

"Never has the planet faced such challenges, but never has mankind held so many keys to mass-flourishing. Science and innovation will generate disruptive technologies which will bring decisive weapons to face these challenges and warrant prosperity, but which also may face resistance from some groups raising social or ethical problems. How should global science and technology universities evolve to foster the emergence of a new, prosperous era throughout the world?", these and other questions were raised by Jacques Biot during his talk.

Chinese Vice Premier Sun Chunlan gave an address at the opening ceremony of the World University Presidents Symposium & Beijing Forum 2018, organized by Peking University on May 4 -5, 2018.