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Biomechanical engineering

Diploma : Master in « Mechanics» University Paris-Saclay


Biomechanical engineering is a growing interdisciplinary field. The main scientific goals for this program are to give students wishing to make a PhD and subsequent career in research in biomechanics and/or biomedical domains, a specific curriculum in biomechanical engineering. The curriculum is built on specialized courses and an internship. Since Biomechanical engineering is, by nature, at the cross section between mechanics and biology many courses will address this cross section and will include numerical approaches at various scales.

Job openings

PhD in cellular and tissue biomechanics. Careers in great economic impact such as biotechnologies, pharmaceutical industry, medical devices that are highly compatible with innovation and entrepreneurship.

Prerequisite: admission to the track is open to high level Graduate students (60 ECTS validated) or equivalent in a Mechanics or Biology.
Language: English
Location Palaiseau, Orsay
Validation rules: The Master Diploma is delivered upon validation of 120 ECTS (60 ECTS in 1st year and 60 ECTS in 2nd year)



- Registration fees 243€ in 2019-2020 + contribution vie étudiante et de campus 90€ in 2019-2020 (Registration fees for international students outside the European Community may be subject to a significant increase from the beginning of the 2019/2020 academic year.)

- Tuition fees: 6 000€ (partial or full exemptions may be applied on specific conditions)



Application timeline
Session 1: January 15th until February 15th
Session 2: February 16th until Jun 30th

Admissions may be accorded for late applications received after the deadline of the 2nd session. In every case, you will receive an answer by the middle of July, at the latest.


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Scholarships program:
Scholarships for international Master students arriving in France (10k€) more details

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