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Multiscales and Multiphysics Modeling of Materials and Structures (M4S)

Diploma: Master in « Mechanics » University Paris-Saclay


In a scientific and industrial context engaged in the search for innovative solutions, it is vital to describe more finely the mechanical response of materials and structures, forcing to work on several scales. This research area is booming and relies on different disciplines: physicians bring their knowledge on small scales, mechanics scientists their on large scales and mathematicians support scales change techniques.The Master M4S is conceived as a meeting point between these three areas, with extensive training on the fundamentals of mechanics of materials and structures, significant attention to multiscale and multiphysics aspects of research and a decidedly mathematical approach.The main goal is to train to the conception of effective models to reflect the physical phenomena of a wide variety of structures and materials. The formation provides a multidisciplinary culture that allows students to interact with physicists, engineers and mathematical engineers. They will be introduced to what could be the fundamental research in the coming decades. They will get knowledge of present or future applications in high technology. Finally, they will be able to work and communicate effectively in an English speaking environment.

Job openings

The Master M4S mainly leads to a PhD thesis or in R & D sectors of large public and private companies, as well as research organizations.

Prerequisite: admission is open to high level Graduate students (with 60ECTS validated) in Mechanics.
Langage: English
Location: Palaiseau
Validation rules: The Master Diploma is delivered upon validation of 60 ECTS


Costs: Click here for more informations



Application timeline
Admissions may be accorded for late applications received after the deadline of the 3nd session. In every case, you will receive an answer by the middle of July, at the latest.

Contact for application

Scholarships program:
Paris-Saclay Scholarships for international Master students arriving in France (10k€) more details

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