DF - Bachelor Program Academic Officer (H/F)

Secteur : Enseignement et recherche
Type de contrat : Permanent
Expérience : 3-6 ans
Date de publication : 17 jan. 2023
Poste ouvert en mobilité interne : Oui
Date limite de candidature : 31/01/2023
Date de début du poste : Dès que possible

Presentation of the department  

Within the École Polytechnique's Education Department, the Bachelor Program Department is responsible for the recruitment, reception and administrative follow-up of students in the Bachelor program. Its role is to accompany, inform and help the students in the program and their families, as well as to assist the School's teaching staff and administrative personnel, in order to offer students the conditions and quality environment that will encourage their success and development. Students in the École Polytechnique Bachelor's program, whose first class began in September 2017, are recruited after a scientific high school or an equivalent international diploma. This three-year program, taught entirely in English, delivers a French accredited Bachelor's degree from École polytechnique.

The role :

Ensure the administrative and academic setting for students in the Bachelor program.

Primary Responsibilities :

Ensure quality support and service to guarantee the best possible educational experience to Bachelor students.

Continue the implementation, in conjunction with the relevant departments, of all the tools and processes necessary for the smooth running of the students’ education and to ensure their well-being and success on an academic level.

Prepare and attend committees and commissions organized during the academic year (Student Councils, Progression and Graduation Committees, Student Follow-up Committee, Student Life Commission, etc.)

Accompany students in their choice of orientation for their studies within the program, as well as post-graduate career. Organize and run presentations and workshops, as needed, as well as provide one-to-one coaching and advising.

Ensure students’ smooth progress towards graduation each semester both via administrative tracking of student progress and as an intermediary for various departments on campus and the students.  This may include, but is not limited to: course selections each semester, verifying that students have secured internships or projects needed to fulfill graduation requirements such as the Bachelor Thesis, organize thesis defenses, verify ECTS validation and specific course requirements, support the accounting office with payment reminders, advise students in personal, financial or academic difficulty…

Establish a trust-based relationship with students and student representatives, facilitating exchanges with the different stakeholders (teachers, members of the Personal Development department, support and administrative services…).

Organize annual events for the Bachelor program, taking the lead on at least one of the following: Orientation and integration weeks for incoming students, major cultural event such as “Bachelorgiving”, and commencement ceremony at the end of the program.

Additional Activities :

Participate on an ad hoc basis in the program's promotional activities with the marketing department (education fairs, webinars, etc.)

In partnership with the departments and services concerned, participate in the communication, selection, and integration of out-bound and/or in-bound semester abroad students and ensure quality integration of the in-bound students within the program.

Participate in the admissions selection and yield process for the Bachelor program, as well as integration of new students on campus.

Provide assistance to the team during major program peaks and events.

As the number of students enrolled in this training program is expected to increase progressively, the activities listed above may be modified in the medium and long term, depending on the needs of the department.

As part of their role for École Polytechnique, the Academic Officer may be required to work on IP Paris projects.

Qualifications :

Position to be filled by “détachement” (status, IFSE) or by contract - Public law contract.

The holder of this position must have earned a Master’s degree or equivalent and have a minimum of 5 years of experience in a position involving contact with students (e.g. chief academic adviser, administrative role at an institution of secondary or higher education, professor, etc.). The applicant must be proficient (native or fluent) in English as 70% of the role will be performed in English) and have had a significant experience abroad or in a multicultural environment. A good knowledge of higher education is expected.

Other optional but desirable qualities:

  • Experience with communications and event management.
  • Training in personal coaching and interpersonal/intercultural communication.
  • Experience working at an institution of secondary or higher education based abroad or supporting institutions such as Campus France, Education USA, etc.

All our positions are open to people with disabilities.

Famille professionnelle : Administration des étudiants et de l’offre de formation

Emploi : Chargé administratif et académique

Catégorie Fonction Publique : Cat. A