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Phd Application

Every year more than 120 Students defend their PhD and more than 500 PhD Students are preparing a PhD at Ecole Polytechnique.

Preparing a PhD at Ecole Polytechnique means working at the heart of a competitive cross- disciplinary research center that clusters 22 Laboratories, out of what 21 are joint research units with the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) bringing together 1650 research staff covering 8 areas of research meeting the challenges of society and technology through mutlidisciplinary projects.

- Bioengineering, Biology and Health Sciences
- Concepts and Methods for a Digital Society
- Energy, Transportation and Environment
- Modeling and Optimization of Complex Systems
- Matter and Light in Extreme Conditions
- Markets, Innovation and Science-Society Relations
- Nanoscience, Innovative Materials and Efficient Processes
- Universal Laws and Structures

Since 2015, research courses at École Polytechnique have been restructured in view of University Paris-Saclay creation. Preparing a PhD at École polytechnique now leads to the PhD degree of University Paris-Saclay.

École Polytechnique is involved in 10 University Paris-Saclay Doctoral Schools and hosts one of them « Interface » :

Ecole doctorale de mathématiques Hadamard (EDMH)
Ondes et Matière
Particules, Hadrons, Énergie, Noyau, Instrumentation, Imagerie, Cosmos et Simulation (PHENIICS)
Physique en Ile-de-France
Sciences Chimiques : Molécules, Matériaux, Instrumentation et Biosystèmes (2MIB)
Sciences de l'Homme et de la Société ED SHS
Sciences et technologies de l'information et de la communication (STIC)
Sciences de l'environnement d'Ile-de-France
Sciences mécaniques et énergétiques, matériaux et géosciences - SMEMAG

Applicants should hold a Master degree (MsC) or equivalent qualification.

Applications must be submitted directly to the Doctoral School -th edoctoral school depends on the PhD supervisor for your project- application file usually requires, at least, the following elements (extra requirements might be specified by each Doctoral School) :

    - PhD Subject,
    - PhD Supervisor,
    - Laboratory in which the research will be carried out,
    - Foreseen funding

Your PhD project should be discussed ahead of the application with your potential supervisor and laboratory in order to design a tailor made project.
PhD subjects open for application are usually published at the end of each year (around December) on our website 

Academic year starts in September-October. Registration for a PhD outside this period may be considered on a case-by- case basis.